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buy google voice number

Buy Google Voice Number

Google voice number

When you want to fulfill your requirements related to communication, and then you cannot get it from a single phone number. According to this matter, google can help you and you can get a number from google through that you can get all your requirements. As you know that Google is the father of multiple social tools that could be used for different purposes. And then in the field of communication, Google comes first and provides an alternative number called Google voice number and you can use this number as an original number with a lot of services. Our website is the famous point through that you can get PVA Google Voice number with low rates and instant delivery.

How to get Google voice number

Getting a Google voice number is so easy that everyone can avail of this facility without cost. And when you will get Google voice numbers then you can use these numbers of local as well as international calls, messages, and voicemails. The main reason for getting a Google voice number is that you can get rid of multiple devices and only a single Google Voice number can give you all opportunities you want. Here are some important steps through that you can become a user of google voice numbers. It should keep in mind that if you want to use a Google voice number, then first you should have a Google account and if you are not a user of a Google account, then firstly you should create it. However, in this article, we will discuss that how you can get a google voice number

Visit voice.google.com. It is the first step of getting a Google voice number to visit voice.google.com, whenever you should sign in to your google account. When you will follow the first step, then you should easily be forwarded to other steps.

Choose area code. When you will open this site, then you will get a screen on your device, and on the top of the screen, there will be an option to choose a Google voice number? You should be ordered to enter the area code for using it for your google voice number. You can select an area code that is available or there will be some suggested area codes and you can select from them. Before selecting an area code, it is important to note here that you should select the area where is your business. Because it is possible that you’re living and business areas could be different. So here you should choose your business area code for preceding your google voice number.

Choose Google voice number. After choosing the area code, you should select a phone number that is suitable for your business as well as personal purposes. You will be provided lots of phone numbers that will be available for google voice numbers. So, you should select a single number that is suitable for you. After choosing a phone number, click on the select option.

Verify existing phone number. After passing all the above steps, you should follow this last step and after passing it, you will get a verified google voice number. In this step, you should verify your existing phone number with your google voice number and it should keep in mind that without the availability of an internet connection, you cannot get this facility. Your Google Voice number will appear on your device screen and then you should select verify. When you will choose it, then you should enter your existing phone number. And Google will send you a 6-digit code through text message on your existing phone number. If you are using multiple numbers then you should add your mostly using number. When you will enter the code, then you will be able to use your google voice number. However, you should click on verify option for using it in the future. By following the above steps, you will get a Google voice number. But it should keep in mind that if you are using Google Voice numbers for your personal use, then it is enough to get a single number. But if you want to use Google voice numbers for your business, then you cannot create multiple Google voice numbers. So you can buy Google voice numbers from our website. Because our website can create bulk Google voice numbers for sale.

Is Google voice number still free?

As you know that Google is the provider of a lot of apps and services and some of those are paid but most are free. However, our blog is related to google voice number, so here we want to tell you that Google voice number is free and you can use it in every field of life. But there are some indirect charges, those you will need to pay. For example, if you want to use a google voice number, then you should need to have an internet connection and if you want to avail internet facility, then you will charge. All local calls and messages are free while using google’s voice number. But if you want to make international calls and messages, then there are some charges of using it for the international level.

Purposes of Google voice number

As you know that Google is the provider of awesome tools, but some services of Google are using in all over the world with international facilities. There are unlimited purposes due to those it is important to use Google Voice numbers. However, it is important to discuss here that Google voice numbers are not only for personal purposes, but there are some business purposes, those you can fill with Google voice numbers. Here are some purposes which you can fill by using Google voice numbers.

Get rid of multiple devices

If you want to take a rest from using multiple devices and phone numbers, then you can get help from google voice number. Because you can receive all your calls and messages on your Google voice number. So there is no need of carrying multiple phone devices for different phone numbers.

Explore your business

If you want to separate your business and personal life, then you can take lot of help from google voice number. Because you can use Google’s voice number for your business and your original number for personal life. So by using Google’s Voice number, you can separate your personal life from your business life and can enjoy your life.

Hide your identity

If you want to hide your identity, then you should use Google voice number. Because there is no record of Google voice number and if someone wants to trace you then, it is too difficult. But if you will involve in some serious issues like murder, terrorism as well as kidnap, then Google can trace you through using the network as well as the device.

Use free services of Google voice number

There are no charges of using Google voice numbers on a national level. And by using Google Voice number, you can get all services related to a phone number for free. However, there are tiny charges of using Google voice number for international calls.

There are unlimited people in the world who are using Google voice numbers. And if you want to fulfill your requirements, then we suggest you buy Google voice numbers for your different purposes.

Can I delete my Google voice number?

If you want to close your business and you think that there is no need of using Google Voice numbers in the future, then it is the best idea to delete your Google voice number. However, if you want to leave your old Google Voice number and get a new then, you can delete your old number and get a new one.

You can delete your Google voice number by visiting voice.google.com. And then select the settings menu and select accounts.  When you will select the account, then there will be a delete option. So by clicking on this option and select verify, and then you will lose your Google voice number forever and if you need it in the future, then you can create a new one or buy Google voice number.


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